South African Property Valuations® philosophy is simple: uncompromising adherence to international principals and standards of property valuation. Investment in immovable property or real estate is one of the biggest investments that can be made. Whatever the purpose of the property valuation, we believe that it is crucial to value accurately. Regardless of the reason for the valuation, pricing too high or too low may have detrimental consequences. We produce realistic, reliable, truthful valuations, based on fact.

Every property is unique. South African Property Valuations® is here to help you understand the value of your property. We’re here to help you get it right.

South African Property Valuations® was established in April 2006. In 2012 South African Property Valuations® received it’s BEE Status Verification Certificate: Level 3 Contributor – 110% Procurement Recognition (51% Black Ownership; 51% Black Women Ownership) which was issued by Empowerdex, a SANAS accredited verification agency.

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Knysna Waterfront Aerial Pic

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