Bitou Non-Urban Property Market October 2019

The figures below were taken from deeds information on the 19th of October 2019. Rural sales for Bitou non-urban area are listed by date of registration. Sales below R200 000, known non-arm’s length transactions and duplications (e.g. municipal purchases) are not included in the figures in order to approximate the market as closely as possible. A number of sales are still in the registration process and obviously the year is not yet over, so the statistics for 2019 will change in future: units and value will increase, and average price will adjust accordingly.

NOTE: the above figures need to be seen with some circumspection as the area covered (the rural area surrounding Plettenberg Bay or the Bitou Non-Urban part of Knysna RD) is not homogeneous and features a wide ranges of properties with a wide range of uses, quality, location, features, etc. (smallholdings, farms, vacant land, businesses, tourist facilities, upmarket coastal and gentleman’s estates, etc.)

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